Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eating in or out dillema II

Home cooking always pays off, but when there is a special occasion knocking on your door, eating out is definitely the perfect choice. Home sweet home, yes, but that magic ambiance can be sometimes conjured only outside your well known environment.

Anatolia is a Turkish restaurant in Nashville, TN with such an ambiance. Soft Turkish music in the background, Turkish folklore decor on the walls, excellent menu, and even better service.

On the menu there is something for every taste: unique appetizers, soups, from the grill, classical home Turkish cooking, and delicious desserts.

To wake up your taste buds and to encourage your appetite, there is a very nice and tasty variety of appetizers to choose from: hummus, stuffed grape leaves, fillo dough rolls, ezme, haydari, Anatolia sempler plater, and more.

I like to start with Ezme. Ezme is an appetizer made of roasted bell peppers crushed with tomatoes, onions, walnuts and spices, and served with fresh baked bread.

There is wide selection for every taste on the menu: soups, salads, pastas, chicken specialities of the house, sea food specialities of the house, from the grill, classical Turkish home cooking, veggie specialities,  and side dishes.

My main course, definitely Turkish Lamb Chops (Pirzola). On the plate are served marinated baby lamb chops grilled to perfection served with pilaf, tomatoes and salad. Yum!

You can choose among wide choice of authentic drinks: Turkish Fruit Juices (Apricot, Sour Cherry and Peach), or maybe Ayran (Turkish yogurt-based beverage).

As for desserts, there are few very delicious items to choose from: kunefe, baklava, kudayif, rice pudding (sutlac), and dessert of the day- surprise!

My choice, baklava of course! Walnuts are nestled between light layers of fillo pastry and topped with butter syrup.

Turkish Coffee, Turkish Hot Apple Tea, Turkish Hot Tea, or Turkish Rose Hip (Kusburnu) Tea can be a nice compliment to your dessert.

If you would like to know more about the restaurant and maybe see some colorful pictures of the menu items and the interior, you can visit the restaurant's web-page:

Note: Pictures included are random pics I found on the web.

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