Sunday, September 12, 2010

HOLIDAY COOKIES- Maamoul form Middle East

Ohhhh, holidays! There is nothing more exciting than anticipation of holidays. You can almost feel the sparks in the air while children are impatiently jumping around, asking the same question for the zillion of times, and adults, too, somehow are more relaxed, smiling all the time. As if the blessings from above calm even the most restless soul on the Earth.

Every region has that staple holiday cookie that makes family gatherings so more special and maybe stimulates the invisible competition between the family cooks.

Maamoul is a must have holiday cookie during Eid celebrations in the Middle East.

This transports me way back to the time when I made my first batch of maamoul. It was a DISASTER!!!!!! Somehow I miss wrote the ingredients; or maybe, just maybe, that special someone that gave me the recipe "accidentally" left out one simple but important ingredient: H2O. So my first maamouls were a greasy mess filled with deliciously spiced dates. In the years to come I tried new recipes, retried the old ones, and in the end perfected my own that gives my family heavenly goodness each time I pull out a tray of baked maamouls from the oven.

Holiday Cookies- Mammoul From Middle East on FoodistaHoliday Cookies- Mammoul From Middle East