Friday, June 10, 2011


This past Monday was my day off and I went to my little garden first I woke up in the morning. All my veggies are doing well and basil was ready to be cut for the first time this season. I was in dilemma of how to use my fresh, wonderfully fragrant, sweet, tender basil: salsa or basil-garlic mayo. I decided to go with my second option, because I will have more options of how to be creative with my creation in the long run.

Basil-garlic mayo has a fresh basely taste with a hint of heat from fresh garlic. It can be enjoyed as a companion to ham and cheese in a sandwich or as an compliment to grilled meats, chicken, fish or as a wonderful addition to a veggie wrap. But there is even more- how does cold macaroni salad with basil-garlic dressing sounds? Keep an eye out for my next post ^_-