Sunday, September 19, 2010

The best veggie patties ever- FALAFEL

Once just a street sold fast food in the Middle East, now very well know all around the world, falafel is climbing to the top of food lovers lunch and party menu. Accompanied with hummus and Arabic salad (here in USA known as pico de gallo salad) in a pita pocket, falafel is really good eats.

Apart from the fact that falafel is fried, all the ingredients that go to the recipe are healthy:
- Chick Peas: full in fiber, protein and copper, and a very good source of folate and manganese;
- Broad Beans: good source of dietary fiber, protein, phosphorus, copper and manganese, and a very good source of folate;
- Bulgar: also a very good source of dietary fiber and manganese;
- and all the veggies: onions, garlic, ginger, green bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno, cilantro, parsley that goes into the felalfel just boost the taste and the healthy level.

The working week is always very hectic and as everyone is leaving the house at different times, everyone is having breakfast on their own. Usually just some cereal or oatmeal with a cup of tea or milk. But when the weekend comes, the family gathers for breakfast together and indulge in the variety of food spread on the table: scrambled eggs, hummus, labanah, zatar with olive oil, olives, cheeses, turkey ham, strawberry preserve, peanut butter, fresh veggies, and then some more...or less, and of course FALAFEL!