Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine's Test Run II- BROCCOLI NESTS

It's time to test my appetizer recipe idea. This time with broccoli...real deal with shrimp in a creamy sauce or maybe just bake the nests, and later fill them with crab or shrimp salad or something similar.
Shredded fillo dough is so versatile. And you can go in both directions: sweet and savory.  Instead of using broccoli, you can use all kind of other fillings: meat, chicken, shrimp. You can also just bake the nests and later fill them with crab salad, fruit salad, instant pudding, ice-cream, .... possibilities are really endless!
Broccoli nests are also a perfect way to introduce youngsters to broccoli. Who can possibly resist the crunch?

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