Monday, January 3, 2011


“There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning!” my husband always says that when I bake bread for breakfast. Well, as it was winter break, we kind of had brunch :D

As our bread, we always buy pita. In the past (maybe until a year ago) I baked all my bread at home, but somehow I got lazier and lazier, so we started buying our pita from Al Sanabil Bakery and Market on Thompson Lane, Nashville.
Have you ever tried to bake your own pita at home? Well, you should. It's not that hard and the taste is amazing!

The best pita is piping hot from the oven filled with some cheese that immediately melts in the folds of fragrant bread!!! Just be careful while opening the just baked pita for it is full of hot steam.

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