Sunday, February 13, 2011


First, I'm very excited to tell you that I won Table for Two - The Cookbook for Couples: "Hello Mateja, As part of our goal to reach 525 followers, you were randomly chosen to receive a copy of Table for Two - The Cookbook for Couples. Please send me your address and I will send you an autographed copy right away. Thanks for following! Bon Appetit! Warren Caterson" Can hardly wait until the book arrives and I can immerse myself in reading of yumminess! Please do visit Warren's site @Table for Two Cookbooks. The introduction to his blog is spot on : "Table for Two Cookbooks: Presenting a temptingly delicious platter piled high with recipes for two, time-saving kitchen tips, helpful cooking hints, and winsome commentary - all served with a side of garlic-infused humor and a steaming bowl of buffoonery."
My husband is very simple and plain when cakes are in question, so I had to split this cake in half. The plain half is all his to enjoy, while me and the kids are enjoying the glazed half. Originally, the glaze covers only the top of the cake, but as I had plenty of glaze on hand, I just opened the cake and filled it with some glaze too.

Delicious Gingerbread Cake With Orange Glaze on FoodistaDelicious Gingerbread Cake With Orange Glaze