Monday, January 31, 2011


In the last 10 days I got meself three awards from my foodie friends! My sincere thanks go to Sandra @Welcome to Sandra's Easy Cooking, Medeja @Cranberry Jam, and Brandie @The Country Cook. You can check the official appreciation @My Awards page.

From Sandra                        From Medeja and Brandie 

I already wrote how FoodBuzz is a wonderful community of food loving people who are willing to share their "secret" ingredients with everyone. Has anybody seen "The Kung-Fu Panda" animated movie? But of course you did, what a silly question!!! At the end of the movie, when Po looses all his confidence and hope to fulfill his destiny as the Dragon Warrior, his father, Mr. Ping- the noodle master, reveals to him that the secret is that there is no secret ingredient in making the special soup:
Mr. Ping: "The secret ingredient is... nothing! .... You heard me. Nothing! There is no secret ingredient. .... To make something special you just have to believe it's special."
So what there is, is a lot of dedication and lots and lots of love and imagination. Yes, imagination! For without imagination, there would be no Duchess Potatoes or Veggie and Parmesan Cake or Sandra's Monday breakfast. What can possibly transform milk, flour, and eggs into a delicious cake, pancake, or waffle... than the imagination of a foodie? Who sees a nice piece of raw meat, a potato spud, and broccoli floret, and immediately visions a plate with juicy steak laying beside some roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli drizzled with lemon juice? So yes, in my opinion foodies are the artists who transform raw into delicious indulgent mouthwatering creations no one can resist!!!!!!!!!!!!  Foodies are really a nice bunch of creative imaginative generous people. Thank you again for the awards, for nice encouraging comments, and support!

And here we finally reached the cheesy lasagna! 
I don't remember anymore what the exact measurements were, because I forgot to write them down while cooking. But I do remember that it was super delicious. I cook this kind of food when my daughter and I are home alone. Just a loving gesture to show her how much I appreciate her being in my life!