Saturday, February 19, 2011


My book “Table for Two” by Warren Caterson arrived yesterday. I was so excited while opening the envelope to finally lay my eyes on the recipes. The book is signed by the author which makes it even more special!

So what is “Table for Two” about? As Warren says in the Preface of the book, the idea for the book came from a simple but frequent lament he came across over and over again: “I’d love to cook more, but I don’t know how to cook for only two people.” The recipes are simple to follow and the selection is amazing: from soups to salads, seafood, meat, vegetarian recipes to my two favorite meals: dessert and breakfast. And if you have leftovers in your fridge, no worry, there is a whole chapter dedicated to transforming them into a yummy meal for two! But before the recipes starts, Warren introduces us to cooking terms, ingredients, and a measuring chart.

Yea, for me reading a cookbook equals reading a romance novel!

The idea was born as soon as I saw the cover of the book Table for Two. On the cover there is a couple engaged in a conversation and as it was Friday, date night was making a complete undeniable sense! And so the sinister plan of removing the kids (not so kids anymore, 13 and 17) from the house was born: “Ohh you both look so tired! It was along week and you both worked so hard; studying,   doing homework, bla, bla, bla! I think you deserved a break, would you like to go to movie theater?” And the rest is history! While daddy drove them to the cinema and made sure they bought tickets, snacks, and were safe inside the building, I whipped together a nice dinner for two: white rice, BROCCOLI AU GRATIN (from the book), spicy orange cordials, and for dessert cookies “Mint Toppar” that I baked a day before with a cup of Turkish coffee! Yep, you got to keep romance going on to keep it interesting in a relationship!

Broccoli au Gratin came out super delicious (recipe a total keeper), the side of rice complemented it nicely, and sipping the cordial between bites added a refreshing sense to the atmosphere.