Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The part of Slovenia where I come from is called Brkini. This region has that kind of soil that is perfect for harvesting the best potatoes in quantities that last for a year, as well as cabbage that is turned into sauerkraut and stored to last through the winter too.

"Krompir v zevenci" or potato cooked with sauerkraut is a traditional dish that was usually served for dinner in those past days when food was not as abundant as today, and is served today for special occasions as delicacy and a staple of the region. What gives potato in this dish that special "aha"moment is the sauerkraut pickling liquid that kind of hardens the potatoes' outer layer and prevents potatoes from overcooking and mushing. Traditionally hot pig fat with crunched sausage is poured over the top to bring the dish together; but as I don't consume pork I always use olive oil and smoked turkey ham.

Potatoes With Sauerkraut and Crunched Smoked Turkey Ham on FoodistaPotatoes With Sauerkraut and Crunched Smoked Turkey Ham