Saturday, February 12, 2011


Each time I cook with beans or peas a certain saying comes to my mind: “Beans, peas, good for your heart, the more you eat the more you “fart”!” My youngest was in 5th grade and they were discussing healthy eating habits in the classroom, so their teacher, Mr. B., recited this little humorous saying for them. And as you can imagine, we had full ears of it for quite some time! And still, it pops to my mind each time I see beans or peas!

Dry green pea soup turned out super delicious. My husband even made a remark that it should be in a competition. He is a man of few words when food is involved (except if my culinary attempts are a failure!?), so it had to be really good! Yay!!! The only mental note I made was: Patience is a virtue which I have in normal quantities and would rather use it on other matters than passing puréed green peas through the sieve. Like maybe not getting upset if shoes cannot find their way into the shoe closet upon arrival home! So next time I’m definitely buying split dry green peas!