Monday, April 25, 2011


It was far too long since I last posted, visited my foodie friends blogs, and even buzzed someone on FoodBuzz. Though that doesn't mean I wasn't being busy in the kitchen, I just didn't have time to take photos of my creations and write about them.

Since my daughter is a senior this year and off to college in the autumn and my youngest son is off to the high school in autumn, I decided to go back to school. But to my surprise, I finished all my classes, graduated, passed my state exam for CNA, find work, and started working in a much shorter time than I expected.
This is the reason I didn't manage to have enough time for my foodie friends and my blog.

Does it happen to you too that you just can't resist but buy that extra head of so beautiful looking cauliflower or that extra bag or two of carrots that look so bright orange and fresh? It does? Than you are just like me. And than that pour vegetable is sitting on the counter and waiting to be transformed into something delicious... This time, my extra veggies found their way into a pickling jar.

Pickled Cauliflower And Carrots- My Way on FoodistaPickled Cauliflower And Carrots- My Way

Friday, April 15, 2011


On a busy day when you still wanna treat your dear ones with something special and delicious instant pudding and lady fingers come to the rescue. I love LOVE shortcuts, they make our life so much easier! My first post was Always a star at dinner table- TIRAMISU and I made it from scratch, but these days it feels like I'm living in a vortex, so come on in shortcuts, you don't even have to knock on the door, it is already open!

Instant Vanilla-Chocolate Tiramisu on FoodistaInstant Vanilla-Chocolate Tiramisu

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The part of Slovenia where I come from is called Brkini. This region has that kind of soil that is perfect for harvesting the best potatoes in quantities that last for a year, as well as cabbage that is turned into sauerkraut and stored to last through the winter too.

"Krompir v zevenci" or potato cooked with sauerkraut is a traditional dish that was usually served for dinner in those past days when food was not as abundant as today, and is served today for special occasions as delicacy and a staple of the region. What gives potato in this dish that special "aha"moment is the sauerkraut pickling liquid that kind of hardens the potatoes' outer layer and prevents potatoes from overcooking and mushing. Traditionally hot pig fat with crunched sausage is poured over the top to bring the dish together; but as I don't consume pork I always use olive oil and smoked turkey ham.

Potatoes With Sauerkraut and Crunched Smoked Turkey Ham on FoodistaPotatoes With Sauerkraut and Crunched Smoked Turkey Ham

Saturday, April 2, 2011


How to make sure your cake will be moist? The answer is simple, put instant pudding mix into the batter. Yes, it's that simple! All of you have probably seen the ready cake mix with big print "SUPER MOIST- WITH PUDDING in the MIX". And the most wonderful thing about instant pudding mix is that it comes in so many different flavors. What is also so wonderful about instant pudding mix is that they come in all the beautiful colors of rainbow, too. I chose vanilla and chocolate because they are the most popular in our house. But hey, wouldn't  it be great to make a pistachio and banana cake?

Vanilla Met Chocolate Cake on FoodistaVanilla Met Chocolate Cake