Thursday, January 20, 2011


Something strange happened to me today that I decided to clean all my dinner wear. And the following is the only way I can explain why…..
Last nigh the cleaning fairy came to me and touched my forehead and said, “Darling, you shall clean all dinner wear tomorrow.” And so this morning I said to myself, “I am going to start my early spring cleaning. And for some strange reason I am going to clean all my dinner wear.”

But let us start with yesterday’s dinner. As usual I was buzzing all the beautiful recipes on FoodBuzz and I stumbled upon this interesting looking and sounding savory cake. So I checked it out, and decided and this is it! You know curiosity might have killed the cat, but that day it brought a wonderful dinner to our table. The recipe was posted by thatshowiroll. I didn’t have any Parmesan, savoy cabbage, or red onions on hand so I used sharp cheddar, cabbage, and yellow onions instead. My daughter snatched the a piece today to take to school. It was a successful hit between her friends and even some teachers. Here is a thumbs up for you my dear friend from all of them ^_^ You can find the recipe here.


Then the cleaning begun. Water, soap, and Clorox. Everything soaked for half an hour, rinsed, and then let to dry.


I saw this recipe on Food Buzz posted by my foodie friend "cevabun", check out the profile here. First, the photo caught my eye and I said to myself, what beautiful cookies. Then I actually read the title and to my surprise they were potato cakes or Duchess Potatoes. What a wonderful idea as a side dish to my sautéed zucchini I was planning to cook for dinner that day. To my big surprise, the blog is in Romanian language and I had no clue what to do. But thanks to Google Translate the problem was quickly solved. I changed the recipe to my liking: I added some more spices and reduced butter and eggs. And although mine Duchess Potatoes don't look as half as pretty as the original does, but they were super delicious!!! For the original recipe click here.
Update: And yesterday I received a note that all the recipes @SomethingGood are now translated to English. Yeepee, for there are some pretty wonderful recipes posted on their site.