Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Chocolate is .. well, chocolate and it doesn't need any special introduction. Still, there is so much to say about chocolate. Have you ever heard someone being allergic to chocolate? Me neither. And its getting better and better. This magic deliciousness contains phenyletthylamine, an amino acid that has aphrodisiac properties. This unique substance comes from one plant only, the cacao (kah- KOW) tree, which botanical name is Theobramba cacao thet means "food of the gods". So, the most horrible phobia that exits among the human populations in of course CHOCOPHOBIA: The totally logical fear that the world will run out of chocolate. That is why under the advice of their government, Swiss chocolate manufacturers always store a year's stash of raw materials in a secret location in the Alps, just in case if...

Choco-Loco- Chocolate Lava Cake on FoodistaChoco-Loco- Chocolate Lava Cake