Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Arabic tortellini cooked in a yogurt soup- SHISHBARAK

So, the other day my youngest son asked me to make some of that meat filled small dough circles with a hole that are cooked in a white soup. I immediately knew what he was talking about, but was a little surprised, because he never liked the dish- SHISHBARAK. But I think that the memories of the time the dish was cooked and served, tricked his mind to thinking that he just loves shishbarak. 

It was so long ago I last cooked this dish; back in Jordan, in 2006. We had a nice family gathering with my three sisters-in-law and children. Aren’t family gatherings the best!!!!!!!! Everybody was working together in the kitchen, children running around, always thirsty or hungry or playing together or in dispute with each other- good times, good times.