Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Pot pie from scratch may seem like a lot of work, but since it is comfort food I really don’t mind spending some extra time in the kitchen. And the flavors are so divine: the contrast between the crunch of the crust and the creamy sauce, deep note of sage, the nutty tone of nutmeg, and then come all the bright flavors of the veggies…yea comfy indeed!

Of course there is a shortcut and you don’t even have to sacrifice the composed flavors of slow cooking. And believe me a perfect pot pie can be ready in as little as ½ an hour!
For a quick version of pot pie you just have to have ready to use puff pastry on hand and you are ready to roll. Cut a defrosted puff pastry to the size of your baking dish and bake until golden brown (see the package for baking directions). Meanwhile, prepare veggies and sauce. When cooking the creamy sauce, use 1 tbsp more flour, so that the sauce is a little thicker. Distribute the creamy sauce with veggies onto your serving vessel, and top with freshly baked puff pastry tops. Serve and enjoy!

This time I did the long version. It’s snow outside. Kids were home from school and I had company. My daughter is making plans for college, so we were chatting and discussing and having me and her time…ahhhh, they fly away too quick!


One of my first posts was about Split Mong Bean Soup and in that post I mentioned that possibilities for creamy bean soups are endless. Here is another hardy soup just screaming: "I will warm you on a cold day like today is! Cook me!!!" And today I served it for my loved ones with crunchy gooey cheese steak quesadillas.

Let It Snow- Split Lentils Soup on FoodistaLet It Snow- Split Lentils Soup