Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eating out or in dilemma

Restaurant food is so predictable, always same taste, same shape, same presentation. But when cooking at home, the same dish turns out differently each single time you prepare it. Sometimes just a slightly bigger pinch of salt, other times you change the spices a bit, because the ones you needed for the recipe weren't on your shopping list. Or maybe adding an extra veggie, or leaving out meat to make the entree lighter, or just to please the audience at the table.

Generally, same recipe, but with small changes, endless possibilities. Yea, cooking at home pays off every single time.

Sometimes you just go to the kitchen to prepare a simple quick meal and end up cooking something complex yet still simple.

It happened to me yesterday. I was just planning to beat together a yellow coffee cake, but ended with cake filled chocolate cream and peaches.

Yet, other times turns out something like this:

Or maybe like this:

With food there are really endless possibilities!

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