Saturday, December 18, 2010


Monday we had a snow day. My daughter was already on her well deserved winter break. She worked very hard and was exempt from all her exams. She is a senior this year. And I'm bragging now, but I'm very proud mom for she is a straight A, honor student with AP classes.

My youngest, was mopping around the house all day- they were suppose to have a winter dance and now with all this bad weather all the plans were ruined and so on. Still, we had a lot of fun!

But as evening was approaching the sweet tooth started calling and whispering in our ears, asking for something delicious.

What is something good, satisfying, easy, and quick? Pantry is always my savior. There I can find ready to use stuff such as instant pudding. Yea, instant pudding!!!  So, in no more than ten minutes we were all sitting down on the sofa satisfying our sweet tooth: instant vanilla pudding with some whipping cream on the top, little crushed graham crackers for crunch, bits of Twix bar, and a drizzle of homemade cranberry syrup to break down the sweetness, and there it was a five star restaurant spoon licking dessert in our bowls.

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